1975 Calculator Black Watch

December 3, 2010

1975 Calculator Black Watch Here’s something you probably salivated over whilst watching Johnny Ball on TV, begging your parents to buy you one but back in 1975 they were worth about £4,000 or something.

Nowadays, your phone and computer have a calculator but you may have been dealt Malcolm from Accounts in the office secret santa. This is what you should buy him, he’ll love it.

This 1975 Calculator Black Watch is £20 and delivery is £5.


Urban Outfitters is a really good online clothing store stocking loads of brands plus accessories including some watches.

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Men’s Komono Einstein Watch

January 8, 2010

Men's Komono Einstein Watch A bright blast from the past with these retro digital, calculator watches from Komono.

Not totally rooted in the 80’s though. As well having the calculator, stopwatch, timer, world time it also has a phonebook which could be handy if you lose your mobile phone and all the numbers with it because we’ve lost the ability to remember numbers.

The Men’s Komono Einstein Watch is £30 and shipping is £4.


Extreme Pie – is a UK surf, snowboard and skate shop with many brands and items.

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Casio DBC-32C-1BEF Watch with Calculator

August 7, 2009

Casio DBC-32C-1BEF Watch with Calculator This is a stylishly retro Casio digital watch with the infamous calculator. Features have been updated so it can store names, phone numbers and convert currency.

Visit the site to view a good range of retro Casio calculator watches in different colours and styles. Yes, yes…type in 58008 and show it to your friends…the fun never ends.

This Casio DBC-32C-1BEF Watch with Calculator is £40 and delivery is FREE.


Casio Online – the official online store for Casio watches and other products made by Casio. Plenty of retro Casio watches here.

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